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Belles & Whistles



Belles & Whistles are a mother-daughter duo naturally likened to country music’s famed family duo, The Judd’s. Daughter Kelli, 16, leads with her charming yet mature vocals while mama Jaymie sings harmony and plays acoustic guitar. For Jaymie, this is not the first time family and music have mixed—she spent many years on the road with her sisters in Mulberry Lane and experienced success with the Top 30 single “Harmless.”


Their debut single, “Boy Like You,” written by Jaymie and Kelli with Jessi Stout and Corey Madison, speaks to mothers and daughters, as well as fathers and probably sons, a characteristic of Belles & Whistles music. It’s produced by Grammy winner Don Gehman (John Mellencamp, REM, Hootie & the Blowfish, Pat Green) with acclaimed musicians like Kenny Aronoff, Tim Pierce and Chris Chaney who have played with a who’s who of musical icons! The single has been played on over 70 radio stations across the country and.the video is currently airing at 1,800 North American Retail Outlets including Denny’s, Wendy’s, Arby’s, Costco and Sam’s Club and is also can be streamed on, and YouTube.

Belles & Whistles, based in Omaha, Nebraska, have spent the past two years honing their craft– writing and recording, visiting radio, playing fairs and festivals, including the main stage of 2013 Country Stampede in Manhattan, Kansas as winner of the Kite’s Grill & Bar “Road to Stampede” Champion, opening for Trace Adkins. They were also selected out of 2,000 acts to be a finalist in the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam Southern Original Contest. Belles & Whistles has also played Loretta Lynn Ranch, Silver Dollar Saloon, Hotel Indigo, all in Nashville, Hard Rock Cafe, Chicago, Chick Singer Night, Milwaukee, Red Sky Music Festival, Whiskey Tango, Whiskey Roadhouse, KXKT 20th Anniversary Show, all in Omaha, Washakie County Fair, Wyoming, McCook Days, Nebraska, Corning Opera House, Iowa. And many other fairs, festivals and radio shows in the midwest – opening for Jerrod Niemann, Glorianna, Casey James, Brett Eldredge, Montgomery Gentry, LoCash Cowboys, Josh Thompson, Scotty McCreery and others.  Belles & Whistles is endorsed by Luna Guitars.

“Thank you for the great job Belles and Whistles did at the 2013 Country Stampede. I greatly appreciate the professionalism and great music you brought to our main stage. You were great to work with and the fans loved you. Best wishes for continued success!”
– Wayne Rouse, Country Stampede LLC, President/General Manager

“The natural harmonies between mother and daughter give Belles & Whistles a unique, infectious sound that really stands out in the current country landscape.”
– Erik Johnson, Program Director, KXKT

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Marty Brown


mart 8x10 agt full lenghth

Country singer Marty Brown was born in Maceo, Kentucky.  He started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of twelve, and he started entering local talent shows at sixteen. Throughout his teens he worked in the tobacco fields of Kentucky often playing his guitar during lunch hours under the shade of a nearby tree. Eventually Marty made his way to Nashville, Tennessee and met with legendary record producer Tony Brown who signed him to a record deal at MCA Records. Marty, together, with Tony, made four (4) albums for MCA and eight (8) videos for CMT television AND APPEARED ON “THE GRAND OL OPRY STAGE” over the next ten (10) years performing… Wild Kentucky Skies, In My Wildest Dreams, High and Dry, and Every Now and Then. He toured with acts such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams Jr. and many, many more. After his recording years, he started writing hit songs for artists like the heart-felt and groovy “I’m From the Country and I Like It That Way” for Tracy Byrd or the classic country tune “When I Stop Loving you” for Trace Adkins.  He still lives in Kentucky with his wife, Shellie, and kids, and is still cranking out his classic country sound. Marty is just coming off a successful run to the New York City semi finals of the NBC’s hit show “America’s Got Talent” where he wowed television audiences of 11 million people worldwide, with his cover of the Bob Dylan classic, “Make You Feel My Love”!

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Candy Coburn



Have you ever met someone that had such conviction in what they were doing that you felt moved, that you looked at them and could really feel that they were doing exactly what they were intended to do with their life – that they are right where they need to be?  Well, meet Candy Coburn. 

If you were to ask her many fans across the US, how would you describe Candy “she is simply infectious”.

From the moment she hits the stage, you get the sense thatCandy is not your run-of-the-mill chick singer. Maybe it’s the fact that she doesn’t count on her good looks to engage the crowd she relies on her energetic delivery, true-to-life lyrics, and a show that rocks.  Or perhaps it’s her signature green guitar she never performs without it. Whatever it is, it’s easy to see why Candy and her music are undeniably contagious.

Born in Kentucky, raised in south Missouri while spending summers in Texas with her father, Candy’s introduction to music came from her grandmother’s old console table. Out of its 8-track and record players, gospel music played along with the sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Loretta Lynn and George Jones. She’d listen as her grandmother sang along, encouraging her to do the same. Today, even at 88 years old her grandmother can still “belt it out,” says Candylaughing.   But when it came to rock and roll, that was a no-go.

“It was a big joke growing up even in high school, and certainly in the school of music in college that I didn’t know hardly anything about the Beatles or the Rolling Stones – anything normal or mainstream- because I wasn’t allowed to listen to it. My Grandma thought it was the devil’s music,” says Candy. “I didn’t listen to pop music until at least 6th grade.

Besides the old console table at her Grandmother’s house, Candy’s other musical education came from weekend church “tent” meetings where different gospel singers came in to perform at the revival services.

“We would watch the Cathedrals play or the Kingsman. My favorite was Naomi and the Sego Brothers. She would wear her hair in one of those beehive type of things –schlacklered to where it didn’t move. She had these killer pipes – so amazing. It was a highlight being a six year old kid and being able to sing with her during a break they would have.  That was my first time performing in front of an audience that large. “

A big dream in a little town
Hiding in a heart somewhere
Hoping to be found
Waiting for a moment
To spread those wings and fly
A big dream in a little town

 – From the album Rev It Up, “Big Dream In A Little Town”
writers–Candy Coburn & Jason Duke-presently being played on radio in the Southwest

While she grew up on and loved gospel, country music stole Candy’s heart. As a child, she remembers watching her first CMA Awards show and getting this feeling in her stomach, one that said “Man, I want to do that!” But it would be years before she was able to do her own music, her own way. As all life journeys go there were a few bumps along the way, a few detours, several wrong turns; but all that is necessary in making the outcome that much richer.

After high school, Candy landed a music scholarship to the University of Missouri and enrolled as a music major with a minor in journalism. There she studied Opera, but a tenacious Candy wanted more. Her voice teacher told her that if she wasn’t doing Opera she would be wasting her talent. It wasn’t long before the teacher made her life miserable for daring to branch out in a new direction.

Discouraged, she quit school, got a job and played with a couple of bands in different areas and a killer worship team in church.  However, Candy went back and finished at the University of Missouri with a Theater degree.

“I started playing guitar then and wrote my first song.  I was never told this entire time ‘hey you need to learn to write a song and play an instrument.’  When I go into schools and talk to kids now, I am amazed to hear they are already writing.”

She was at a writer’s night in St. Louis where she met several musicians which eventually led to finding an entire road band in the St. Louis area. Every Wednesday night she would make the nearly four hour drive there and four hours back to rehearse the band.

As the band got better Candy put on a second hat as “booking agent” for the band often disguising herself as someone else in order to impress the club she was calling into giving her a show.

Candy will jokingly tell you that she could write a book about how to not do things in the music business. She’s been through every band drama you can think of; she’s slept in cheap hotels that no normal person would dare step foot in, she’s driven all night to a gig only to find it was canceled, she’s lost more money than she cares to remember and she’s been told “No” so many times that a normal person would have said “Yes,” to giving up sooner. But she keeps going …

“This thing is unbelievable to me.  When people get my music and it changes how their life is … man I never thought I’d get to see that happen in my life. It makes me feel like I am doing something good.  I have these female fans who, when I met them, were bummed out, didn’t feel like they had a lot to give, but they hear something in my songs and it is something they can plug into and be a part of and believe in. “

So, that’s Candy’s story. It may not be one of those “made for TV” kind of stories, but it’s hers and it’s real. Truth be told, as many hurdles as she has been through, she should have quit a long time ago. Fortunately, Candy doesn’t understand the concept of giving up. Candy has this innate ability to soften even the hardest of hearts.  Candy’s music makes her fans believe with conviction and faith that dreams can and really do come true in God’s time.

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Kelsey K

debut album



It takes some people years to discover what they want to do in life.  Not Kelsey K!  She’s known since she was too small to reach a microphone, and nothing has deterred her from that dream.  At the age of 14, Kelsey is already an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician who has held her own in front of thousands of people, opening shows for acts like Toby Keith, Joe Diffie and Jerrod Niemann.  She is a natural talent poised on the brink of success, following a career vision she’s had as long as she can remember.


As a toddler in Moville Iowa, Kelsey loved singing and dancing and would entertain anywhere she saw a crowd — or could create one.  She made her public debut at age 4 performing “Grand Ole Flag” complete with cartwheels and tap dancing.  Her love of country music blossomed after she attended her first concert where she saw Shania Twain.  “I’m going to do that someday!” she told her mom, setting the stage for her future career.  By age 6 she was writing her own songs complete with verses and choruses.  At 9, she took birthday money and bought her first guitar so she could put music to her tunes. Two years later,

By the time she was 12, she was fronting her first band and hosting writers’ rounds at Nashville venues such as The Listening Room, the Commodore Grille, and Roosters. More importantly, Kelsey was sharpening her co-writing skills with some of Music City’s top tunesmiths, including Kim Tribble, Victoria Shaw, Wade Kirby, Steve Bogard, Anthony Smith, Billy Montana, and Don Rollins. Through an acquaintance, Kelsey came to the attention of renowned Nashville producer Jimmy Nichols.  Struck by the maturity of her performing and songwriting skills, Nichols began mentoring her long distance, and eventually he and his partner Frank Myers signed her to a co-publishing/production deal with their company, Vision Artist Development.   Their first collaboration, Blue Jean Girl,was recorded at Starstruck Studios in Nashville in 2012 and featured 10 of Kelsey’s own songs. The album yielded three music videos: “Country Mess,” “The One” and “Blue Jean Girl,” an Independent Music Award for Best Country Song for “Country Mess” and helped secure Kelsey a spot with the prestigious William Morris Endeavor Agency for booking.Kelsey entered and won a local talent contest, giving her the chance to open a concert for Gary Allen.

A straight-A student, Kelsey has no difficulty balancing schoolwork with her increasingly-demanding professional career and frequent trips to Nashville — which is very good news since she averages 100 shows a year. Whether opening for Toby Keith at the Missouri State Fair, Jerrod Niemann at the Kentucky and Oklahoma State Fairs, or guesting in a special performance with the Sioux City Symphony, the diminutive singer confidently holds her own – and owns every stage she’s on. When Kelsey stepped out on the Hard Rock Stage at the 2013 CMA Music Fest to perform songs from her Blue Jean Girl CD, few in the crowd could believe the petite dynamo they were watching was just 14 years old. A few months later, she made her first trip to Nashville to record an all-original album, Live, Laugh, Love with Montgomery Gentry’s Eddie Killgallon, who said, “Kelsey’s melody and lyric writing far surpasses anyone I’ve met at her age.”  His sentiments were echoed when the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) awarded Kelsey a scholarship into their Advanced Songwriters Camp, the youngest songwriter in the organization’s history to receive such recognition.

Yet young as she is, Kelsey has a real connection with her audience on and off the stage.  She lights up any room she’s in, and genuinely loves chatting with fans in person or through her Facebook page, sharing their experiences.   She is very close with her parents Tammy and Brian Klingensmith (both schoolteachers) and her three brothers Zach, Luke and Cole, who she says keep her “pretty level-headed.”  As a youngster, Kelsey’s natural athleticism shone through in horseback riding, sports, dancing and especially gymnastics, where she took top honors at the State level in bars and vault at the age of six.  But music always remained her foremost passion, even helping her through a difficult childhood illness.  Today, with a repertoire of instruments she plays (acoustic guitar, 12-string, keyboards, electric drums, and mandolin), a powerhouse vocal range twice her size, and a new album project underway in Nashville with Jimmy Nichols, Kelsey is excited for the next step.

“I love being an artist, and getting to write and sing songs,” she says.  “I’d feel very blessed if I get to have a superstar career and touch millions of people.  But if I’m supposed to be a songwriter and stay behind the scenes, that’s okay, too.  I would just love to be someone that other little girls can look up to.”

What they’re saying about Kelsey K!!

“Watch out for this young lady. She is going to take country music by storm.”
– Strum Magazine

“Kelsey’s one of the most dedicated young artists I’ve ever worked with, and her singing and performance capabilities go way beyond her years. I have no doubt this girl is going places!”
– Grammy Nominated Songwriter Robert White Johnson

“I was very hesitant when Jimmy Nichols asked me to write with a 12-year-old girl, but after one afternoon with her I realized that she was mature beyond her years. A beautiful blue- eyed ‘blue jean girl’ with a warm heart and soul who had depth to her writing, playing and singing that I haven’t seen in years. I’m proud to know her and to be a part of her young career.”
– Grammy-winning songwriter Frank Myers

“For someone so young to have so much natural character and emotion is rare.  This young lady is destined to be here long after some of us are distant memories, as will her well-crafted songs, full of life, love, spirit, and energy. It’s going to be fun watching her take off!”
– Jimmy Nichols  Producer / Vision AD

“Kelsey is, in talent and heart, an artist beyond her years.”
– Judy Rodman  Female Vocalist of the Year, Vocal Coach, & author of Power, Path, & Performance

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