A country and rock band.

Artist Bio

Aly’An has quickly garnered a reputation for being the female country duo that has it all… amazing voices, beauty, brains, talent, and an undeniable work ethic, driving them to succeed in today’s highly-competitive music industry. Their story began in Burgin, Kentucky, where as little girls Alyson Burke and Andrea Warner competed against each other in local singing competitions and jamborees. They would trade victories on a regular basis, fueling their competitive natures, and creating the rivalry that eventually brought these two amazing talents together. Alyson and Andrea’s mutual respect for each other, forged in those early open-mic battles, and later in the trenches of countless fairs and smoke filled bars, became the genesis for an incredible partnership and friendship. Even as time went on and the multi-talented girls were performing in collegiate-level athletics, they were winning over audiences on weekends with their beautiful harmonies and power-ballad anthems. As word spread and the fan base continued to grow, Alyson and Andrea remained grounded through their solid family roots, and committed to finishing their college degrees before pursuing their destiny as country music entertainers.

Aly’An has already shared the stage with some of country music’s hottest entertainers, including: Thompson Square, Heidi Newfield, Marty Stuart, Ashton Shepherd, Confederate Railroad, Bucky Covington, Florida-Georgia Line and Trent Tomlinson. They have performed at fairs and festivals across the southeast, and were recently invited by NASCAR’s Earnhardt family to perform at some of their most prestigious VIP events. They raised the bar again when they were selected as one of the only musical acts to perform at the October 11, 2012 Vice-Presidential Debate in Danville, Kentucky.

Music for Aly’An isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life. “This is what we want to do with our lives. We don’t think we could be truly happy doing anything but singing and performing.” states Aly’An. The Nashville Music Guide described their music as having “Harmonies that blend so well you’d swear they were sisters.” Whether performing a moving country ballad, or an upbeat dance song, the girls’ live performances are sure to rock any stage! Come see Aly’An perform at a venue near you. Their sassy style, incredible harmonies, small-town roots, and contagious energy make these girls an act you won’t want to miss!