Doo Wop All-Stars

A ’60s and ’70s style Doo-Wop band.

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Artist Bio

Meet The Doo-Wop All-Stars. Dubbed that for their popularity. These “sixty-somethings” are Louisville music legends. The songs they’ve chosen will whisk you back to special times and revive wonderful memories from the 60’s and 70’s. And while they jokingly say they have one foot in the grave … they’re still doo-woppin’!

Doo-Wop started in the late 1950’s as a mix of gospel and southern blues. The groups consisted of a lead singer with several background voices singing a counter melody. The All-Stars’ origins of doo-wop began with John Hourigan and three local high school boys doing their street corner harmony to simple dance steps. And just like a crowd would gather then to hear their singing, today’s fans are still enjoying the doo-wop music the All-Stars perform. Some 50 years later, it looks like doo-wop is here to stay.

You can enjoy this diverse group of singers with their nostalgic blend of voices regularly at John E’s Restaurant with Barb & Eddie and at other special appearances throughout the Louisville area.