Buck Trout

Artist Bio

While most campers head to the mountains, Buck Trout makes a bee-line toward festivals and fairs.  A buck-toothed, nature loving puppet, Buck Trout prefers the laughter of children to the serenity of a mountain retreat.

Since 1995, Buck Trout has completed an estimated 50 cross-country trips making appearances at some of the largest events in the United States.  This nationally known, fun loving puppet consistently promotes good values and encourages families to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

As Buck Trout drives around in his little truck, his zany antics and comical stories always make a lasting impression that brings smiles and laughter to children of all ages.

This buck-toothed puppet is more popular than ever and is ready to interact with your clients while driving his earth friendly electric truck.  Buck Trout is a family favorite not only on television but also at corporate events, state and county fairs, car shows, sport shows, parades and anywhere people gather to have a good time.