De’Anna – The Hypnochick!

Artist Bio

De’Anna’s up tempo, stylized modern hypnosis show is a must see for all ages.  She’s a woman with rock star flair as her show is magically infused with comedy, over-the-top power of the imagination sketches and her panache as a hypnotist.  The hot mixes of DJ NodNoize, her on stage Generation Y side-kick, rocks the shows comedy sketches providing a full-blown production vibe.  The Hypnochick’s chic style cannot be reproduced and is the catalyst of her success on stage.  You’ll laugh, and be amazed as De’Anna is the facilitator, presenting hypnosis as a ticket to a ride in your vast colorful imagination!  Knott’s Berry Farm says, “De’Anna’s show is edgy, clean and hypnotizing fun!”