Eric Buss – “Comedy Imaginator”

Artist Bio

Co-me-dy Im-ag-i-na-tor:
Kah-me-dee I-maj-uh-ney-ter

1. A clever and funny person who imagines crazy concepts and inventions, turns them into reality, and performs them for an audience with hilarious results. (noun)
2. Eric Buss (noun)

Although most would agree that his props are totally awesome, it’s Eric’s personality that wins audiences over. His high-energy, and hilarious act has been called, “Pure Art, Pure Madness!” It combines pogo sticks, wigs, frozen turkeys, dancing licorice, impaled rabbits, and 375 spring snakes into a non-stop ride of mischief and magical gadgetry that most people could never imagine. Eric not only imagined it, he turned it into an award-winning act that he has performed around the world and on “The Late Show” with David Letterman. In fact, Letterman called his performance “Tremendous, sensational, beautiful and a real crowd pleaser,” and that was only 90 seconds of it! If he can impress Letterman, he must be good!