Friend of Triangle Talent Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Song

Nashville, TN – January 14, 2013 – Country Music legend, Lee Greenwood recently  celebrated the 30th anniversary of his song ” God Bless The USA.”  The song, which he wrote in 1983, is the only song in any genre to move up the charts multiple times since its release in 1984.

Originally, Greenwood wrote the song to express the anger that he felt after Russian authorities shot a Korean airliner, with 269 Passengers on board, from the sky because “they thought the airliner was on a spy mission.” During the last 30 years the song has pulsed onto the charts in 1991 during the Gulf War, following the September 11th attacks in 2001, in 2003 during the war in Iraq, as well as after Hurricane Katrina in 2009.

“After 9/11, it was a song of unity and rebuilding and after Hurricane Katrina, it was a song for life and hope. It just makes me really proud that I’ve done something for the country and for my family. It’s my family’s heritage,” Greenwood told AOL’s The Boot.

Triangle Talent has booked Lee many times across the US for a wide range of our clients, and we certainly feel like he has become a true friend of the company over the past 30 years! We wish to congratulate him on his success and wish him many more great years!

For more information on the songs 30th Anniversary and Greenwood, check out 2013 God Bless the USA 30th Anniversary Press Release and the article from Country Weekly’s March 4, 2013 issue.