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Life is worth celebrating!

Call us, the celebration specialists.

  1. We are committed to excellence in DJ Entertainment.
  2. We are committed to customer service.
  3. We are committed to you.

Your celebration will be even better than you dreamed it could be. We come to you with exciting party ideas, fabulous music, and polished DJs. All of this energy and creativity is carefully refined to create an entertainment strategy just right for your event.

World-famous musicians and celebrities become a part of your party. Your guests will thrill to the sounds of all of their favorite artists and bands. Our song list is staggering. Every single note is played on equipment so fine you’d swear you’re hearing a live performance. Prepare yourself for a wonderful evening!

How do we make all this happen? We become a part of your TEAM.

Timing. Celebrations thrive when there’s a natural flow to the music. That takes careful timing from DJ’s with instincts to read a crowd. Our DJs are intuitive and have mastered the art of timing. No, they can’t read minds. It only seems that way.

Energy. Your party doesn’t stand a chance in the hands of a burnt out DJ. Ours are fresh, young, dynamic, and overflowing with the energy demanded by any party crowd. A proper celebration demands that an energized company that knows how to connect with an audience direct the entertainment.

Attitude. Sound Decision DJs love what they do. We are in this business by choice. In fact, we feel blessed to earn a living that is not only fulfilling to us, but also so meaningful to our customers. It is this attitude that makes all the difference to your celebration. You cannot put a price on a positive attitude. You’ve either got it…or you don’t. We’ve got it!

Mutual cooperation. You certainly have a vision for your celebration. Our job is to listen carefully and then create that celebration. Our job is to help you build on those dreams into reality. And we will. We will team up with you to create a celebration unlike any other, because you are unlike any other.

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