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prom011aAre you planning your homecoming, winter dance, prom, mixer or other school dance? Here is your chance to get in on our great packages and have the HOTTEST ENTERTAINMENT Company in the region performing at your next event.

We have heard many horror stories from both students and advisors about how bad their dances have been in the past. Either the DJ showed up late, didn’t play appropriate music, or was just plain boring. The problem at these events is not the students but the LACK OF ENTERTAINMENT. Did you ever wonder why some companies charge less than others do? It is because most of them lack the talent, sound and lights, music selection, or experience. The fact is, if they had all of this they would charge a professional rate because they would be a professional.

If you are tired of the same “ordinary” DJ’s performing at your events then maybe it is time for a change. We have been performing at school events for years so allow us to help in the planning stages to ensure your dance is a party from the opening song until the last song of the night.

Along with our incredible light and sound shows (2,000 – 10,000 watts), we also bring unique effects like bubble machines, snow machines, confetti cannons, lighted dance floors, and DVD music video.

Many schools are starting to have dances during the week. This can benefit you tremendously. Here are a few reasons to have a dance during the week:

  • Reduced rates for the same equipment and light show.
  • If the dance is immediately after school, more students will stay for the event.
  • Attendance will increase because there are no conflicting events (i.e. wedding reception, picnic, etc)
  • Chaperones will most likely volunteer for a weekday dance

Whatever or whenever your dance is we want to be a part of it. Give Sound Decision a call today and let us exceed your expectations.

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